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Safekeeping sensitive material about our technology is a corporate obligation we assume seriously. Until our announcements, we must maintain limits of disclosure and ask that you understand our concerns. We also recognize a duty to our two Scientists who, like their predecessor Nobel Prize winners, have devoted their careers to the science of image separation; specifically 4-D volumetric optics. We are proud to confirm that we have proven technology that allows 4-D Volumetric imaging in true life and no annoying glasses. Both Scientists have succeeded; our prototypes work and we are ready to build our first polished models.
Our Scientist who discovered a new mathematical approach to the theory of three- dimensionality, is the original author of the world's largest 3-D Patent Application ever filed to this day. All manufacturers of TV and other screens in use today have adopted his claims in order to produce 3-D images. His new technology, SeproSight™ has transcended far beyond anything these manufactures can produce. His technology will totally change how you view and even interact with your TV, attend a Cinema, use a Computer, read an Ultrasound, utilize a Smart Phone or take an X-Ray without worry of radiation; radically surpassing the 1992 Charpak Nobel Prize taking it to its finality.
Our Scientist who created his new SpaceTable™ has dedicated his entire professional career in developing the science of 4-D Volumetric imaging. He has published 5 books on the discipline and published many White Papers. His elucidation on the mathematical attributes of his research has brought him international prominence. Today his colleagues recognize him for his achievements imparting him with awards in volumetric science. His proven technology transcends anything modern entrepreneurs have yet to produce. His spatial imaging vibrantly emphasizes dynamic and geometric characteristics producing a "God's Eye View" in real time and natural color.
Our experienced team of business professionals enthusiastically supports our Scientists. We are confident that once our market models are completed, we will receive the global recognition this technology merits.
In order to maintain the safekeeping of our technology and avoid exploitation of our sensitive data, we must be cautious. Sadly, we are not able to share more information with you. However, our announcements will be forthcoming.
If you are an accredited investor and wish to know more please contact our CEO at his direct email address below or contact our office headquarters. Our PPM, Information Package, Projections, and comprehensive financials are available upon request.
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Ernest W. Letiziano, Chairman
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Advanced Cutting-Edge Technology in 4-D Volumetric Delivery Applications for Computer, Television & Motion Pictures, Tablets, Cell Phones, Mobile Devices, X-Ray, & Other Applications