Palm Beach, Florida,
18 March 2020

Open Letter and Message from Signet CEO, Mr. Ernest W. Letiziano

Drafting Our Future
As we approach the second Quarter of 2020, we are pleased with the progress we have made. We have accomplished each phase of our growth and we have remained consistent with our responsibilities.

Our status as an emerging growth public company is materializing before us. We have engaged a new scientist to support our V.P. of Science to help further develop out technologies and interact with the several universities with whom we have contracts. We hear from other universities on a regular basis that tells us we are welcome to the fraternity of research scientists, engineers, and inventors. We have increased efforts to create more awareness of our presence by engaging a social media specialist who will keep the public informed of all our progress and assist us with shareholders relations. Our team is growing and meeting our needs.

Since we will soon be fully reporting and currently filing, we have engaged our new SEC legal counsel to guide us through the labyrinth of compliance and the next steps to up-listing. We have also retained our patent counsel to advise and instruct us on strategy and enhancement of our patent rights; protecting us not only domestically but also worldwide.

Since all of our technologies are trending, unique, and further advanced than any others we know of on the market today, we must maintain our edge and seek constant improvement to stay viable—and we are doing just that.

Because of our efforts, we have our path laid out before us. Last year´s strategy allowed us to take the proper steps to arrive at this juncture. We are now proudly holding ourselves out to the world as a viable and worthy consortium from which multinationals can acquire advanced, patented technology. Although our technologies may necessitate some retooling and possibly an avant-garde approach in implementing, we feel that in considering the alternative technologies presently available, ours is the superior choice.

We have completed these efforts to identify and locate a niche, function, and purpose for all our products. Inasmuch as our products are ‘green’ in nature and innovative in design, we feel these technologies can easily be integrated into daily life to the benefit of all. We all will see great progress and never to look back.

Our Plan
Our plan is to continue to raise awareness of our incredible patented technologies. This process involves press releases, social media, marketing, expanding our contacts with professionals in interrelated fields of study, such as dermatological associations, or aviation, engineering, healthcare or energy related associations, representatives and groups, and increasing and building upon investor relationships in the private and public sectors.

We plan to first file all our required reports with the SEC and pay our entrance fees for trading. Once this is accomplished, we will focus full global attention on our technologies. We will attract interest and sell or license rights for the use of our technologies either geographically or industry–specific. Anticipating revenue from sale of rights or even licensing is a difficult dynamic to anticipate. However, to offer illustrations of prior transactions accomplished in the past few years of similar or related technologies, attached are abstracts from published postings.

Since we are a public company, we have the advantages of not only raising capital through private placements, debentures, etc but also entering into various forms of limited partnerships, joint ventures, etc.

Should the occasion arise whereby an investor desires to fund prototype building of anyone of our technologies; we would be in a better position to demonstrate that our product works and mass-production ready. At that time we would be able to consider marketing and distribution opportunities.

Because we have a collection of trending, patented technologies, we forecast enormous profits for our company and our shareholders.

Signet’s Response to Covid-19
As with all plans, no matter how well conceived and designed, we as business people learn to adapt, to seek alternatives and at best cope with the events of the times. The outbreak of Covid-19 has gripped the planet. The infectious disease has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), spreading from Wuhan, China to more than 140 Countries. There are presently over 200,000 reported cases worldwide with over 8,000 deaths. These figures are increasing hourly. At this writing, Europe is the epicenter.

Our master plan to market Signet technologies involved personal presentations, demonstrations, and building personal contacts with multinationals throughout a number of European campaigns of Science Shows, Conventions and Symposiums in the months ahead. However, in light of Covid-19, our meetings and attendance in Vienna, Stuttgart, Essen and Frankfurt have been postponed. As most of these events are prepaid, we expect rescheduling; only one show, in Stuttgart, has rescheduled for mid-October 2020. In the interim, we will remain patient and consider alternatives during this time of pandemic.

Although our plans have been temporarily set aside for now, we will continue to stay the course; complete our Audit, File our SEC reports, and deliberate on the next step to a new exchange. In the mean time, we have several local meetings with known multinationals with whom we have tentative confirmation to convene with us.
We will use our media outlets to keep you informed.

Signet sincerely wishes all of you continued good health as we move onward in coming months.
With best wishes,
Mr. Ernest W. Letiziano, CEO


Abstracts From Published Postings of Like Startups
1) Boston Scientific completes Millipede acquisition for $325 million earlier this year, the Marlborough, Massachusetts-based medical device giant invested $90 million into Millipede with the option of acquiring the rest of the company. Millipede is developing what it calls its IRIS Transcatheter Annuloplasty Ring System, which is meant to treat patients with severe mitral valve regurgitation who cannot receive open-heart surgery.

2) Like Gobble, Lime, the maker of electric scooters and dockless bikes, may not be known to all readers, but if you live in Los Angeles, Austin, or the Bay Area, you’re likely familiar with the brand. Electric scooters have become the newest thing in transportation, or “mobility solutions” as Silicon Valley likes to call it, as the dockless scooters serve as a cheap way to get from point A to point B when it’s a few miles away. The industry has favorable unit economics and has attracted a raft of start-ups, including the leader Bird, which is now valued at $2 billion, Spin, Scoot, and Skip, in addition to Lime.

3) Quick-charging battery startup StoreDot gets $60M on $500M valuation led by Daimler Ingrid (Lunden@ingridlunden / 4:29 am MST • September 14, 2017).
StoreDot, a startup out of Israel that is developing a new kind of quick-charging (five minutes or less) battery to replace the lithium-ion components largely in use today in phones, electric cars and other un-wired devices, has raised $60 million in funding led by carmaker Daimler with participation also from Samsung Ventures and Norma Investments, an investment firm linked to the Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich. Daimler and Samsung have been prolific investors in autonomous car and other transportation-related startups (Samsung just earlier today signaled a new fund for this purpose; Daimler announced a round in Via just last week.) StoreDot is not disclosing its valuation, but we understand from reliable sources close to the deal that the valuation is $500 million.

By AKSHAT RATHI , Senior reporter February 15, 2019
4) For an undisclosed sum, oil giant Shell today announced that it bought German home energy-storage startup Sonnen. This follows a $70 million investment into the firm by the oil group’s venture arm last year.

People are doing big business all over the world.