“deIce 477™” Finished Product Requirements

Signet international Holdings, Inc. is a Public Company trading OTC, symbol: SIGN. On November 6, 2018, Signet subsidiary, Signet Graphene Technologies, Inc. and FIU executed an option agreement.  The agreement grants SIGN exclusive worldwide rights to the patent for Graphene Deicing Coating technology. Signet intends to provide funding required for development of a prototype, a demonstrable working model suitable for testing and undertakings required for mass production and marketing of the finished product.

Our Invention:
On December 20, 2017, Florida International University filed their Patent Application entitled: Three Dimensional Graphene Foam Reinforced Composite And Deicing Systems Therefrom (Patent App No. 15849020). The FIU invention was funded with government support Grant No. W911NF-15-1-0458 awarded by the Army Research Office. Our patent protection is designated both National and International (PCT). Our commercial product is known as: “deIce 477”.

The adhesion of ice severely compromises the aerodynamic performance of aircraft and other surfaces including wind turbines and other mechanical devices relying upon efficient movement operating under critically low-temperature conditions. The current applications for the deicing processes include the harmful use of harsh chemicals that require the management of toxic waste that contaminate the water table, and overall, are detrimental to the ecosystem.

A process of highly thermally and electrically conductive graphene foam (GrF) polymer composite is fabricated. Applied, GrF–polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) deicing composite exhibits superior deicing efficiency of 477% and electrical conductivities of 500 S m–1 with only 0.1 vol % graphene foam addition as compared to other nanocarbon-based deicing systems in use today. The three-dimensional interconnected architecture of GrF allows the effective deicing of surfaces by employing low power densities (0.2 W cm–2). Electrothermal stability of the GrF–PDMS composite was proven after enduring an extraordinary degree of cycles of the dc loading–unloading current. Moreover, multifunctional GrF–PDMS deicing composite provides simultaneous mechanical reinforcement by the effective transfer and absorption of loads resulting in a 23% and 18% increase in elastic modulus and tensile strength, respectively, as compared to pure PDMS. The enhanced efficiency of the GrF–PDMS deicing composite is a novel alternative to current high-power consumption deicing systems.

Our immediate needs:
We intend to develop our invention into a demonstrable prototype within six months. We require $750,000.USD. We welcome all interested ground-floor investors. A statement of use of proceeds is available upon request. Once we have funded the practical prototype, we will renew our multinational contacts.

SIGN is currently preparing a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) to be published shortly. The company welcomes interested investors to contact the Palm Beach office to learn more.

For additional information contact:

Signet International Holdings, Inc. (OTC: SIGN) USA 561-832-2000
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