Advanced Graphene Technology


In 2018, graphene-based technology continued to grow worldwide. Many realized that the revolutionary “wonder material” has as much commercial potential as it does applications. Graphene-based technology is being applied in medicine, electronics, aerospace, super-capacitors, automotive, and being utilized in coatings, sensors, and thermal conductivity.

Most know graphene as a building block of graphite found at the tip of a pencil. But graphene is a material unto itself composed of a single atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. For a material that is the thinnest known to man, it is incredibly strong with a multitude of properties.

Graphene is approximately 200 times stronger than steel and has excellent electrical and heat conductivity. When combined with other elements, graphene produces astonishing results—newer materials with various superior properties. As researchers around the globe continue to develop graphene-based technologies, at Signet we recognize that graphene is truly a remarkable material poised to be integrated into just about any industry in any field. In 2019, we continue to explore its wide range of applications to introduce novel, graphene-based technologies for the market.