HyCarb, Inc.: Advanced Graphene Battery Technology

 Renewable energy in the making is renewable energy for our future.

At Signet, we recognize the key to success is building solid relationships. We are identifying opportunities with companies that choose to impact people’s lives in positive ways, by solving problems for a profit, now and for generations to come. HyCarb, Inc., is one such company, and for this reason, Signet has put its seal of approval on it.

HyCarb’s vision and mission is to help eliminate society’s carbon footprint by finding uses for carbon that are so valuable it makes no sense to waste it out of our smokestacks, turbines, or tailpipes.

HyCarb is internationally recognized for its efforts in developing leading-edge graphene & carbon nanotube technologies. HyCarb will improve energy storage globally utilizing their award-winning innovations to deliver safe, efficient, state-of-the-art products and systems for advanced nano-materials and energy storage.

Sigrid Cottrell, CEO, and Andrew Heath, President, state, “Batteries and energy storage are the universal ‘pain-point’ of every industry that is dependent on electricity. Electricity has allowed society to advance in ways that were unfathomable 100 years ago. Conscientiously solving the electricity storage problem facing every industry today, will carry us to a safe, profitable, pollution-free future and to heights yet unknown. As a result, HyCarb’s first product, with Signet’s support, is a safe, ultra-lightweight, graphene/carbon nanotube, eco-battery that is less toxic, up to 99% recyclable, capable of charging faster, and lasting longer than batteries available on the market today.”

HyCarb has positioned itself to build batteries for the aerospace, aviation, defense, internet of things (IoT), wearable electronics, medical, mobile devices, robotics, transportation, renewable energy, and utility industries. HyCarb’s strategic collaboration with leading research institutes, national laboratories, and renowned private & public companies will help us rapidly commercialize innovative batteries like the world has never seen.

Signet shares HyCarb’s objective to create unprecedented value demanding carbon-based products that will reduce humanity’s need to  burn fossil fuels or even waste carbon dioxide that spews impurities from of our smokestacks, turbines and tailpipes. Our introduction of these energy systems will not only demand worldwide acceptance, but also encourage a new generation of innovations yet to be experienced.

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