Planning a trip? Keeping Your Electric Vehicle
Fully Charged Can Be Quite the Challenge

Signet’s InCharge™ is about to solve one of the biggest problems that continues to plague the EV market—keeping cars charged and on the road instead of in lines at charging stations.

Finding charging stations can be challenging, especially on a road trip. The search for a ChargePoint can lead to out of the way locations at the end of vast parking lots in hopes that the line is not too long when you get there. Once you do get there a typical electric car (60kWh battery) takes approximately 8 hours to charge.

Looking for a fast charge? In many U.S. cities it’s still quite difficult to fast-charge your car. Thinking of a road trip? There are not enough places to recharge an EV at a respectable speed. Once a fast charging station is found, be ready to be patient –one of the best fast chargers, the Tesla Supercharger, is only going to take 28 minutes to charge your car (see below).

Signet is poised to revolutionize the EV market with the InCharge™, a patented, compact magnetic-based energy source that not only produces energy but charges itself!

The InCharge™ is a new type of battery—a revolutionary technology—that produces energy and recharges virtually instantly. For the EV owners that’s great news—and makes planning a road trip that much easier. No more long lines to charge your car and no more long waits.

Long lines at the charging station

Weighing all the charging options, keeping electric cars charged can be quite the challenge