InCharge™ Battery Device

A New Battery That Will Virtually Last Forever

InCharge™ is a patented, compact magnetic-based energy source that not only produces energy but charges itself. As a new energy source, InCharge™ holds promise to revolutionize the global energy market, along with other energy-based applications.astronomy_prague_watches_czech_republic_hd-wallpaper-30533

InCharge™ is revolutionary technology. It is a new type of battery, not an attachment. The device produces energy and it recharges virtually instantly. It offers a large number of cycles, a long storage time, as well as being compact in size.  It will actually replace slow, rechargeable batteries.

The InCharge™ magnetic-based battery device provides energy yielding a large number of cycles with a long storage time. The patents for InCharge™ also demonstrate the operation of an instantly rechargeable device using a laboratory prototype.


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