Palm Beach, FL
February 1, 2018

Signet International Holdings, Inc. has recently published a Private Placement offering of its preferred stock. This offering is only available to qualified Investors interested in participating in the last stage of the Company’s project to manufacture and market a new, proven medical device.  This device will dramatically reduce the need for the hundreds of thousands of amputations that have been performed annually because of diabetes and other conditions.  Potential accredited investors are welcome to learn more about our offering by requesting this material directly from:

November 1, 2017

Our philosophy is to identify the best investment for our shareholders. Our idea is to continue to focus of the ever-exciting technology of medical science. The enormous scope of innovations in medical technical applications has dramatically grown many times than that of less than only a generation ago. This unprecedented pace of accomplishments has not spoiled us but has definitely allowed us the unflinching freedom to expect more.

At Signet, we have explored various technologies claiming to be yet another “breakthrough”. We have invested many hours and money exclusively devoted to due diligence and research in order to determine a true and accurate proof of concept and an eventual effective product. We have reviewed many White Papers, procedures amplifying the values of optics and parallax imaging integrating image separation and spatial displays; we have investigated iridology and genetic perplexities with the ultimate purpose of contributing answers to the necessities of medical science; all with a certain degree of success.

Presently, we have determined that although several projects we researched are worthy of a Public Offering, we are not comfortable without retaining further independent confirmation. Albeit these inventions will create excitement, we must represent to our shareholders that we have overcome all the vulnerabilities from manufacturing through marketing and distribution.    Adapting such criteria is expensive nevertheless; it clears the path for future technology. Our aim is to package independent verifiable information along with our own projections, analyses and discussions. This process is costly but once properly applied will be rewarding to our investors and our shareholders.

Over the years, we have developed a distinctive relationship with some of the world’s most respected scientists who continue to devote their life’s work in the field of research with the passion to develop the next generation technology to improve and extend our lives.  We are proud to have encountered these gifted scientists and to be able to call on each to assist and counsel us on the feasibility and validity of each new technology we bring.  Along with access to private investors, we have established relationships with the foremost patent legal firm, market researchers and product distribution professionals.

Our endeavor is to continue to attract scientists who require funding to advance from proof of concept.  We are not a well-endowed funding boutique or a group with a deck of investors ready to take advantage of those who underestimate their values because of the lack of funds. We do not desire to participate in private deals because we prefer transparency with no chance of misappropriations funds or manipulation of profits. We are subject to audit and in compliance with the Federal mandates regulated by the SEC overseen by FINRA.

We are a public company devoted to establishing a relationship with those scientists who can make a difference in medical advancements.  We are accountants, attorneys and entrepreneurs relying upon a long association with scientists of various disciplines.  Each of us as a team has the proficient experience to package every type of undertaking from proof of concept through the preparation of a public offering or other vehicle to attain funding.

We are currently reviewing several medical applications that meet our criteria and worthy of taking the next step.