Palm Beach, Florida, 18 February 2020

The Palatal Alert Sensor System (PASSTM), A New Smart Mouth Guard Technology That Monitors State of Health in Real Time

Evaluation of PASSTM Feasibility, Technology, and Potential Market Impact
by Jay Mondal, PhD

PASSTM is a smart mouth guard device and sensor technology that monitors one’s current state of fitness in real-time and stores medical history in the device. It is a smart denture mouth guard device that remotely monitors an athlete’s and/or non-athlete’s current state of physical health, detects unexpected concussions, body temperature, and sudden head and heart related injuries in real time.

PASSTM sensor technology and device provides real-time data readout of vital signs and potential injuries sustained while engaged in sporting and other physical activities. The PASSTM smart mouth guard sensor technology detects and collects data points of athletes and/or non-athletes heart rate, blood pressure, core body temperature, nerve signals, etc., using multiple infrared sensor sites.

This device also monitors biting force, oral diseases, cancers and diabetes by analyzing saliva composition and chemicals through well-positioned sensors. The user-friendly computer interface simplifies collected data readout, which allows the viewer and/or operator to detect athletes and non-athletes current state and level of fitness in real time and foresees potential dangers. The PASSTM device and sensor system uses a much more advanced scientifically proven technology and provides an ultimate level of accuracy and precision.

Commercial Application:

The PASSTM device and technology is specially designed for athletes and fitness professionals. This technology is also perfect fit for non-athlete’s regularly involved in various physical activities.

Advantage and Market Comparison:

  • Provide athletes real-time state and level of fitness update while engaged in sporting and athletic activities at highest accuracy and precision
  • Provide non-athletes individual real-time state and level of fitness update while engaged in physical activities at highest accuracy and precision.
  • PASSTM is small, portable and lightweight device. It is easy to operate and re-programable.
  • The device is inexpensive.
  • The device can be read remotely by transmission to a smart phone or a computer display screen

Technology in the Pass™:

  • The PASSTM technology places several multifunctional denture systems in oral cavities.
  • Each multifunctional denture system includes at least one sensor, and all the sensors are connected to an internal module.
  • When the PASSTM device is in operation an internal module collects all of the 11 sensors data and provides it to an external data processing and analysis unit.
  • External data processer and analyzer unit will process and analyze all the sensors data readouts and provide precise and accurate real time updates for the viewer and/or operator to read on a smart phone or computer display screen.
  • In the case where a team in being monitored, the reviewer can identify each player (for instance, by Jersey number) and maintain a history.

Current Status:

  • PASSTM device technology is a ready to use US patented technology.
  • Additional research and development is underway to make this technology more advanced.
  • Prototype can be developed upon discussion and agreement.
  • PASSTM device can be modified and designed upon specific requirement.
  • The PASSTM device has recently been revealed to have the potential advantage to identify Sleep Apnea; a growing condition in over ten million sufferers. The Signet device is now in the University lab for additional undertakings, the results of which will assist the medical application to even more efficiently detect this condition without the inconvenience of sleep testing labs. The monitored results can be remotely transmitted to the doctor in real-time from the patient’s home. Further investigation is in progress.