2 October 2020, Palm Beach, Florida

Endodontic Applications for Signet’s Sterilal™

Endodontic procedures to treat root canals require an array of microsurgical instruments. The smallest file alone, the number 6, has a working tip that is 6/100th of a mm in thickness.

Endodontic microsurgical file

As with any medical procedure, sterilization is paramount to ensure patient safety and a successful outcome. To sterilize endodontic microsurgical instruments, heat autoclave techniques are employed as one of the more common methods of cleaning and sanitizing. Unfortunately, the same technique used to sterilize these instruments also causes the metal to become brittle. This can result in the unfortunate consequence of the file breaking inside the canal.

Microsurgical instruments for endodontic procedures, or any instruments for medical procedures, would benefit from Signet’s Sterilal™. The Sterilal™ is an amazing self-sterilization technology that utilizes plasma energy that provides self-sterilizing properties for medical devices, equipment, and surfaces. The process is able to neutralize contamination in seconds by using a self-generated plasma field, while simultaneously minimizing risk of exposure and offering the highest levels of sterility. The sterilization technique enables medical devices to maintain a constant state of sterilization for fast, economical, and safe reuse or disposal.

The Sterilal™’s self-generated plasma field offers numerous advantages over present methods of sterilization of medical devices such as heat autoclave. For starters it can be built into a device. The self-generated plasma field allows self-sterilization of objects, apparatuses, and surfaces. As the field neutralizes contamination in seconds, it allows reuse of devices and equipment, which reduces time, costs, and inventory. The process further eliminates the need for toxic chemicals used in traditional sterilization procedures, reducing potential exposure and related hazards.

The assortment of endodontic files used to treat root canals are very small relative to the edges of a penny (pictured to provide perspective).

Heat autoclave techniques do more than make metal to become brittle, the heat also wears down and destroys the sharp cutting edge of any metal surface. In fact, heat sterilization will damage all metals, eventually becoming brittle and fracture. For patients, if a file breaks inside a root it often prohibits the removal of the file as well as removing the infection.

Herein lays the promise of Signet’s Sterilal™ self-sterilization technology. Plasma sterilization destroys all biological microorganisms without damage to the metal. For more information on the benefits of Signet’s Sterilal™, contact:

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