Palm Beach, Florida, 14 February 2020

A New Solid State Energy Source that will overtake
the Automobile, Aerospace and Consumer Electronics Market

Evaluation of InCharge™ Application, Advantage, Market Impact,
Technology, and Current Status
by Jay Mondal, PhD

InCharge™ is a patented, compact and lightweight magnetic solid-state energy source technology with the potential to deliver significantly higher storage capacity and cycle numbers compared to available chemical-based or other advanced battery technology. The Fundamental principle of this technology is the use of nano-magnets to induce an electromotive force. Electrical current generated in this technology is called spin polarized current.

InCharge™ is an emerging new energy storage device and source of electrical energy. The device holds promise to change global energy storage technology requirements and market dynamics in the direction of a much more advanced, safer and greener direction. This new technology converts stored magnetic energy directly into electrical energy without chemical reaction. InCharge™ is a proven new type of device. This is not a modification of existing Batteries. This device is destined to be universally renamed and generically referred to as an “InCharge” thereby replacing the very word battery.

This magnetic-based storage technology is designed to reach maximum capacity when fully charged in remarkably short period of time when compared to similar capacity batteries and other energy storage technologies. InCharge™ is charged by nano-magnets. Furthermore, this compact storage device offers a very large number of cycles when compared with best known lithium-ion battery technology, which is considered the most advanced battery technology available in the market today.

InCharge™ technology does not use electrolyte or solvent or carbon emitting material, as a result, it has no impact on carbon footprint and emission. InCharge™ is essential for a healthy, green planet. Most importantly, InCharge™ storage technology offers a low cost energy solution, ultimate energy efficiency, significantly long energy life and ultimate safety.

Commercial Application:
(a) Automobile, agricultural, and construction vehicle industry
(b) Aerospace industry
(c) Consumer electronics
(d) Wearable electronics and technology
(e) Medical industry, e.g., Pacemakers
(f) Renewable, housing and industrial

(a) Remarkably large storage capacity
(b) Very large cycle numbers
(c) Provides ultimate energy efficiency
(d) Significantly long energy life
(e) No chemical reaction and chemistry involved
(f) Significantly light weight energy and device
(g) Provides ultimate safety
(h) Operates in extreme weather condition
(i) Low production and maintenance cost
(j) Energy fully charged in a fraction of time
(k) Green eco-friendly technology, no carbon footprint or emission

Market Comparison:
(a) InCharge™ energy technology has the ultimate potential of storing significantly large amount of energy then available best known lithium-ion or any other advanced battery technology in a unit mass.
(b) InCharge™ energy technology provides remarkably large number of cycles and can supply energy more efficiently compared to best known lithium-ion battery technology.
(c) InCharge™ energy technology provides much better battery efficiency compared to lithium-ion or any other best known advanced battery technology.
(d) Total InCharge™ energy system weighs notably less compared to available battery systems of equivalent amount-to-storage capacity.
(e) InCharge™ energy device life is potentially far longer than available battery technologies and devices.
(f) Production and maintenance cost for the InCharge™ energy device is significantly lower compared to lithium-ion and other available battery devices.
(g) InCharge™ energy technology is remarkably safe, green and provides ultimate environmental health compared to other battery technologies.

Technology in InCharge™:
(a) InCharge™ is a compact magnetic based solid state energy device and technology.
(b) InCharge™ storage device is made of a series of magnetic and dielectric layers. The magnetic layers are made of well-defined magnetic nanoparticles. When fully charged magnetized particles are aligned in a certain fashion. When they are discharged magnetic particles are oriented in a random fashion.
(c) InCharge™ core technology principle is the use of nano-magnets to induce an electromotive force. Electrical current generated by the energy device is called spin polarized current.
(d) The series of magnetic and dielectric layers are connected to current collectors. When charged energy is stored in the magnetized particles as magnetic energy.
(e) No electrolyte or solvent is needed in the system, thus no chemistry or chemical reaction involved during charging and discharging cycles. This new battery device is charged by nano-magnets.
(f) Magnetic and dielectric particles are prepared and processed using patented eco-friendly materials technology.

Current Status:
(a) InCharge™ is a ready to use US patented technology.
(b) Further research and development underway to make this technology more advanced to provide for more applications.
(c) Prototype can be developed upon agreement.
(d) Technology can be modified upon specific requirement.
(e) Sample can be available upon discussion and agreement.