Palm Beach, Florida, 7 February 2020

Signet Announces the Appointment of Science Consultant

Jay Mondal, PhD, to Provide Analytical Evaluation of Materials and Applications

Signet announced the appointment of Jay Mondal, PhD, for his services to provide an independent analytical evaluation of Signet technologies. Dr. Mondal’s field is in chemistry and materials science, with extensive research in graphene, graphite, processed graphite, activated carbon, carbon black, synthetic graphite materials for batteries and supercaps, and related materials for renewable and clean energy.

Dr. Mondal will play a consultative and advisory role in materials and applications development for Signet Vice President and Chief Engineer, Mr. Bradley Nelson. As the company moves forward in advancing its technology, Dr. Mondal’s analysis and evaluation is intended to help customers, clients and investors understand the potential, feasibility, and market of Signet’s technology solutions.

Signet President, Mr. Tom Donaldson, welcomed Dr. Mondal’s appointment, stating, “Jay’s background and insight in material science assists us in our ongoing discussions with several multinationals that have been in contact with Signet regarding our technologies.”

Signet is a multi-faceted company whose primary focus is in developing advanced technologies, energy solutions, and medical devices. Signet’s present technologies include:

InCharge™ Battery Device, a patented, compact magnetic-based rechargable energy source

3D Graphene Deicer – 3D Graphene-polymer composite deicing application for aircraft

Painless Melanoma Detection Device that detects the presence of melanoma in real-time using vapor samples

PASS—the new smart mouth guard technology that remotely monitors an athlete’s head, heart and temperature and overall health while in the field of play.