Palm Beach, Florida
25 February 2020

The Sniffer™
A Non-invasive Detection Technology
That Recognizes Melanoma by Skin Odor Instantly

Evaluation of Sniffer™ Technology, Application, and Potential Market Impact
by Jay Mondal, PhD

Malignant Melanoma is a type of skin cancer commonly known as Melanoma, affecting a very large number of the US population and around the world each year. The Sniffer™ technology is especially designed and developed to detect melanoma with high precision from skin odor within a few seconds without causing any physical pain or excision of tissue, and most importantly this technology eliminates long time consuming biopsy procedure. The Sniffer™ is a US patented scientifically proven and verified technology.

The technology analyzes chemical compounds present in a sample of air surrounding suspected cancerous tissue without a need of tissue excision. The Sniffer™ detects melanoma using molecular signature data from suspected host. This technology eliminates traditional long waiting detection and identification procedures available in the market.

The Sniffer™ technology provides highest precision unlike other available uncertain pre-detection techniques in the market. The Signet method of using “smell” technology to analyze skin odors may help doctors determine if melanoma is suspected in a mole before biopsy. This potentially eliminates the “wait-and-watch” approach as well as enabling easier diagnosis and treatment of early stage melanoma.

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer: Each year, an estimated 10,000 deaths occur from the disease, and 75,000 new cases are diagnosed. Identifying possible melanomas typically relies upon examination of a mole’s appearance and surgical biopsy. This results in the removal of normal moles and in the failure to detect some malignant moles early enough. Melanomas and other cancers give off (or can be stimulated to give off) distinct, detectable chemical compound.

Commercial Application:
Real time non-invasive early stage fast detection of the presence Malignant Melanoma

Advantage and Market Comparison:
(a) The Sniffer™ is a non-invasive high precision technology that detects early stage melanoma in real time within few seconds.
(b) This technology is extremely reliable and scientifically proven. The device provides melanoma infected tissue molecular signature data to medical representatives for further inspection and treatment. The medical practitioner acquires reliable data and information regarding patient’s current condition and situation
(c) The Sniffer™ technology is an inexpensive, portable device

Technology in The Sniffer™:
(a) The Sniffer™ compact device detects melanoma non-invasively by obtaining an emission sample Vapor from skin lesion of a host suspected of malignant melanoma
(b) The technology analyzes emitted sample elements using various chemical analysis techniques and determines the presence and/or amount of identified melanoma biomarkers.
(c) The Sniffer™ device compares analysis data of melanoma and non-melanoma biomarkers and provides precise information to medical practitioners and/or patient to confirm if the host body is infected
(d) Analysis method within The Sniffer™ device includes: (i) chemical analysis of the sample using mass spectrometry, (ii) liquid chromatography, (iii) gas chromatography, (iv) ion mobility spectrometry and (v) asymmetric ion mobility spectrometry
(e) The device detects melanoma in real time. The device provokes an emission from a skin lesion of suspected host tissue. A sample reservoir captures/collects the emitted sample. The sample reservoir configures and programs with analytical sensors. The sensors and programming device analyzes molecular signature data in the emitted sample and compares against non-melanoma molecular signatures and data. A precisely compared molecular data is provided to medical practitioners and/or patients to confirm whether the host tissue is infected.

Current Status:
(a) The Sniffer™ is a US patented ready to use technology
(b) Lab Sample is developed and available for review
(c) Demonstrable prototype can be developed upon discussion and agreement
(d) The Sniffer™ technology and device can be modified and adapted upon requirement and need.