PASS—the Palatal Alert Sensor System
Exciting, New Smart Mouth Guard Technology
for Every Athlete of Any Age

  • Multifunctional Smart Denture Mouth Guard that Remotely Monitors Health
  • Wearable Device Sensors to Detect Temperature, Head and Heart-Related Injuries
  • Tracks User’s Fitness Level

Pass inventor, Associate Professor Dr. Y.K. Yoon
of the University of Florida Disccusses his
‘Smart Mouth Guard” Technology on TV


PASS is an electronic smart mouth guard technology that remotely monitors an athletes’ fitness, can detect concussions, and will store the medical history of the user.

The mouth guard provides real-time data readout of vital signs and potential injuries sustained while playing sports. The market size for wearable fitness monitors has increased by, 90 percent. This device can record health information near the head such as concussions and heat stroke. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, 35 million Americans between the ages of 5 and 18 play team sports, and at the high school sports level alone, there were more than 250,000 reported concussions.

PASS smart mouth guard technology detects and collects data points of an athlete’s heart rate and blood pressure using an infrared sensor. It monitors the core body temperature, biting force, oral diseases, HIV, Cancers and Diabetes through saliva. In total, there are 11 sensors. The user-friendly computer interface simplifies data collection which allows viewers to detect dangerous levels of force experienced during activity.