Signet has purchased an option for the exclusive rights to a recently invented, patented device, the Sterilal™, which affords self-sterilizing properties to medical devices as well as equipment or surfaces that require sterilization.

Presently, the device has been successfully tested for use against E.coli, S.cerevisiae, Y.enterocolitica, VRE and other organisms.

All tests were conducted at the Emerging Pathogens Institute and Applied Physics Research Group laboratories at University of Florida. These test results were positive in that the organisms were immediately destroyed.

Though indications are optimistically positive, the device has not yet been tested specifically for COVID-19. We have been unable to locate a laboratory available to perform the required BSL-2/BSL-3 protocol.

Presently, we are seeking funds to identify a testing facility, engage scientists and give them time to test and report the effectiveness of our device on COVID-19. By investing in the project, we all have an opportunity to contribute in reducing the spread of this virus.

If you share in our effort, together we will be able to make this technology available for public use quickly. Your decision to take the next step will prompt us to arrange a conference call with principals and scientists to establish a stratagem.

All of us know how important an endeavor such as this is—a meaningful contribution to aid in mitigating the dreadful assault that this virus has had on lives around the globe. At this junction, we need the Sterilal™ tested specifically for COVID-19. Our joint participation will not only be sustaining but also encouraging for those who can benefit from the device. Your assistance is needed.

For more information about Sterilal™ and participation in its development, please contact:

Mr. Ernest W. Letiziano
Signet International Holdings, Inc. (OTC: SIGN)
Palm Beach, Florida USA 561-832-2000

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